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Heroin Chic Is Back!

Heroin Chic Is Back!

Hedi Slimane never met a tired idea he didn’t like–sure, we were surprised when he changed YSL’s name to Saint Laurent Paris–but he’s yet to send a single new concept down the Saint Laurent runway. Goth boho? Grunge? The campaigns have been similarly reliant on the appeal of other people (“cool, alt musicians”). Last of all, he’s taken to pricing things with a goddamn roulette wheel.

Naturally, the fashion world salivates over his every move. More »

Shopping Guide: Cute Spring Trench Coats Under $200

Shopping Guide: Cute Spring Trench Coats Under $200

Hey, it’s really nice outside in New York this week! Colder climes everywhere are just now coming out of the frost and even verging on lightweight coat weather… which is to say, it may be time for a Spring trench. The versatile, practical middle ground between winter coats and, uh, tank tops is also one of those eternally cool wardrobe essentials. So, we put together a bunch we like at a moderate price (plus one porny aspirational Burberry, of course).

Thus, cute Spring trench coats in a variety of colors and shapes, all under $200. More »

Shopping Guide: Acid-Trippy Spring Prints On A Budget

Shopping Guide: Acid-Trippy Spring Prints On A Budget

A few weeks ago, we were walking by a nice boutique in our neighborhood and saw they were in the midst of a huge sale. We walked in and walked out with an amazing pair of trousers–a boyish, sensible cut in an insane print. They’ve been sitting in our closet since, slowly biding their time until the weather warms up.

This is a long way of saying that our hands down favorite warm weather trend will be acid-trip Spring prints–which is a wide category that includes florals and abstract doodles and all manner of bright colors, all of which look a little off… like they’re melting?

Anyway, it’s an awesome look that can easily be achieved for less than our $150 price cap. Just don’t go wearing more than one of these babies at once (unless you want to look like a damn fashion blogger).  More »

15 Facts About Fashion Model Emily DiDonato–Jake Gyllenhaal’s New Ladyfriend

15 Facts About Fashion Model Emily DiDonato--Jake Gyllenhaal's New Ladyfriend

Emily DiDonato has been a successful model for quite some time but she recently started making inroads toward full on name recognition with the one-two punch of 1) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition work and 2) apparently striking up a romantic relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Since she may be on the verge of supermodel status, let’s take this opportunity to examine DiDonato’s rather impressive career. More »

20 Facts About Model Barbara Palvin–Justin Bieber’s Supposed Other Woman

20 Facts About Model Barbara Palvin--Justin Bieber's Supposed Other Woman

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split–after some cryptic tweets and a pap sighting or two, rumor mills place the blame squarely on the beautiful shoulders of 19-year-old fashion (and lingerie!) model Barbara Palvin. Apparently Bieber got a little too close to the doe-eyed brunette while performing at the hallucinatory nightmare that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the pair subsequently took in Lion King on Broadway. …Which means you’ll probably be hearing a lot about Palvin in the coming weeks–before hordes of Beliebers tear her limb from willowy limb. Here’s a primer on Palvin’s brief but impressive career. More »