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Red Carpet Rundown: Everyone Wore White To Elle‘s Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

Red Carpet Rundown: Everyone Wore White To Elle's Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration

In addition to the Hollywood Film Awards, last night saw Elle‘s annual Women in Hollywood bash–which was similarly star studded. In fact, it seemed that all the famous people who weren’t on the Hollywood Film Awards red carpet turned up at the Elle party. Check out Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, Melissa McCarthy and way more on the red carpet–as well as the return of Lea Michele. More »

Makeup Inspired By: Lindsay Lohan’s Dramatically Apathetic Look In The Canyons

Makeup Inspired By: Lindsay Lohan's Dramatically Apathetic Look In The Canyons

Much has been said about Lindsay Lohan in Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons. Despite a lot of hype, some obnoxious interviews and a pretty fantastic trailer, the film itself has received primarily awful reviews — even from the actors themselves. However, I plan on seeing it because, despite all her idiocy, irresponsibility and the tragedy that was Liz & Dick, I still want to like LiLo in films again.

Personally, I love her look in The Canyons. It’s got that dark, apathetic Los Angeles air to it that’s pervasive throughout all of Ellis’ books. So, here’s my attempt at recreating that look. More »

12 Super Flattering One Piece Swimsuits Under $100

12 Super Flattering One Piece Swimsuits Under $100

It’s Summer! It’s BBQ season! It’s swimming time! It’s buy-up-all-the-aloe-and-bug-spray month! It also may be time to buy a swimsuit–and, while bikinis may be the choice of lad mags everywhere, a one piece is way more practical if you plan to do any swimming. Hence, we rounded up some currently available (++ super flattering) one piece suits all carrying a sub-$100 price tag. Enjoy. More »

Heroin Chic Is Back!

Heroin Chic Is Back!

Hedi Slimane never met a tired idea he didn’t like–sure, we were surprised when he changed YSL’s name to Saint Laurent Paris–but he’s yet to send a single new concept down the Saint Laurent runway. Goth boho? Grunge? The campaigns have been similarly reliant on the appeal of other people (“cool, alt musicians”). Last of all, he’s taken to pricing things with a goddamn roulette wheel.

Naturally, the fashion world salivates over his every move. More »