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The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine's Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means Hallmarks the world over are laughing maniacally while stocking their shelves with millions of cheesy greeting cards. Rather than perpetuate the commercialization of good old V-day, we’d recommend going vintage with your card selection. But don’t just order any dusty, faded card from eBay and hope it will score you some cred with your vintage-loving lady — we found quite a few cards that send some mixed signals. Here’s the eight that gave us the heebiest jeebies. More »

Party Favors: The Rape Card

Party Favors: The Rape Card

What do you do when you get “that feeling” that a guy is cheating, but don’t have proof? – Lemondrop

Your friend just got raped. Luckily, there’s an incredibly insensitive greeting card for times like these. – The Frisky

Vaginal steam baths could help cure infertility and painful periods. The problem is that you have to utter the phrase “vaginal steam bath.” – Blisstree

Bad news for your reproductive health: nearly half of pregnancies in America are unplanned. – AOL Health

Is saying “I love you” no longer necessary in a relationship? – College Candy More »