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Video: The ‘Real Housewives of SNL’

Video:  The 'Real Housewives of SNL'

All the women of Saturday Night Live gathered together last night for a “Women of SNL” special. In one hilarious skit, they impersonate the Real Housewives at a reunion special. The skit was hosted by the adorable, long-suffering host and mediator of the Real Housewives specials, Andy Cohen. Though, it is difficult to nail down exactly who’s who of the Housewives, I think I’ve figured it out: More »

7 Men You Should Avoid Dating

7 Men You Should Avoid Dating

Let’s face it: dating’s rough. You don’t know who people are until the moment they show their true colors. Whether that moment is them sending you smiley and wink faces via text message or when they yell (like really yell) at the guy who stole your cab, it’s difficult to pin-point who a person really is before you fall too deep into a relationship. wrote a guide of the five types of women men should avoid dating so men can fit each girl they meet into one of these general stereotypes and if the girl doesn’t fit, then she’s totally dateable. More »

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: The Reunion

'Real Housewives of New Jersey': The Reunion

“This is sickening. I don’t want to watch anymore. I’m going to bed.”

So spake my wise and reality-TV weary fiance, midway through the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion last night, summarizing what I and millions of other viewers likely felt at about 10:30/9:30 central last night.

And go to bed is exactly what I would have done, in order to hopefully bleed my eyes dry of the shitshow to which I bore witness courtesy of Bravo, were it not for my utter devotion to you, gentle Gloss readers, and conveying back to you all the horrific, gruesome, dirty, foul things that went on last night during that shameful hour of programming. I trust the rest of you turned it off in order to salvage your dignity, so here’s what happened. More »