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Check Out The Trailer For Madonna’s New Film, W.E.

Check Out The Trailer For Madonna's New Film, W.E.

Someone let Madonna have another movie! It’s called W.E. and it’s about Prince Edward and the woman for whom he abdicated the throne, Wallis Simpson. There’s also a parallel story in the ’90s featuring Abbie Cornish. So it’s like Julie and Julia, but with Nazi sympathizers. Anyway, we mention because the film will have an al-couture wardrobe and the clothes look pretty breathtaking. More »

The Most Absurd Designer Keychains

The Most Absurd Designer Keychains

One thing that high-end designers love to do is make one or two expensive accessories that still cost too much money but seem cheap compared to everything else in the store. One popular example are keychains – you may not be able to afford a Prada bag or Chanel dress, but perhaps you can leave the store with a branded keychain and at least feel like you own some kind of luxury item. Here’s a guide to some of the most absurd designer keychains -oh, sorry, “key fobs.” More »