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Gallery: Artist Gives Stylish Makeovers To Retro Cartoon Characters

Gallery: Artist Gives Stylish Makeovers To Retro Cartoon Characters

So, this is cool. Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo is currently working on a series of drawings called “Old School Heroes” in which he takes the cartoon characters he liked as a child and draws them wearing some very spiffy clothes. He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor…the whole gang is there. If he takes requests, though, I would not mind seeing Daria dolled up in the work of some cool, local designers. Also: Trent, the hottest cartoon character ever, wearing as little as possible. More »

Party Favors: I’m Married To Superman

Party Favors: I'm Married To Superman

Remember that congressman who resigned over his Craigslist personals ad? Well, it turns out it might not just have been women he was hunting for… – Gawker

This couple’s cartoon wedding included such spectacular moments as the bride, who was Jessica Rabbit, walking down the aisle to the tune of the Star Wars theme. Now THAT’S dedication. – The Daily Mail

Notable: all the upheaval concerning Planned Parenthood and reproductive health. This has been all over the news recently; check this out and stay informed. – College Candy

A woman in Beijing posted a nude video of her 26-year-old daughter on the internet. Arranged marriage superplan? Or icky pimping-out of offspring? – Nerve

Whose sweatpants are YOU wearing? – The College Crush More »