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Illustrated Guide: What To Do If Someone’s Sleeping In Your Bed

Illustrated Guide: What To Do If Someone's Sleeping In Your Bed

Recently, a lady friend of mine expressed that she’s enjoying the newfound freedom of being single (i.e., doing it with whoever she pleases) but she can’t get comfortable sleeping beside effective strangers. Soon after, another lady friend of mine shared the sentiment: the only real bummer to no-strings-attached sex is the problem of what to do after. Kick him out? Move to the couch? Alienate him until he flees? To aid my nice lady friends, I have written and illustrated this helpful guide, “What To Do If Someone’s Sleeping In Your Bed” (and, also, how to get them the hell out). A lot of it is conjecture, but feel free to try. More »

Real Talk: How Do You Stay STD And Baby-Free?

Real Talk: How Do You Stay STD And Baby-Free?

You know what’s great? Avoiding unplanned pregnancies. It’s probably the best thing about being a responsible adult, besides maybe eating cake for dinner sometimes. So, in the wake of a certain internet fiasco, we decided to talk to a bunch of smart, responsible, female adults who 1) care about their health and 2) care about the health of their partners… and therefore practice safe sex.

This is not to say that people don’t make mistakes–condoms break and no form of birth control is 100% effective–but it is to say that adults who make mistakes learn from them. Otherwise, they’re not adults. So, for today’s Real Talk we asked women to tell us about their preferred methods of protection. More »

Party Favors: In Case You Didn’t Know…

Party Favors: In Case You Didn't Know...

Important lessons from forgotten classic, What Is A WIFE. -The Hairpin

Another day, another offensive PETA ad. -DoubleX

Separated at birth: Justin Beiber and Rachel Maddow. -The Frisky

Probably not true: “Women who like casual sex hate other women.” -YourTango

Yes to polka dots! -Betty Confidential

I wish I had crazy hedges. -ShelterPop

See Lady Gaga do her mostly uninteresting drag thing to open the VMA’s. -Styleite

The ubiquitous I <3 NY bag goes luxe… in leather. -Refinery29

Off-site retro snap: Steven Meisel and Linda Evangelista, looking great. -StyleList

Technology sure is getting invasive. -The High Low

Jennifer Lopez and one of her Kohl’s bags. -The Budget Babe

Exfoliating is a non-negotiable part of your routine.” -Birchbox

Concerning vanity sizing. -YouBeauty

Real Talk: Do Men Want To Put It In Your Butt?

Real Talk: Do Men Want To Put It In Your Butt?

It was odd assembling responses for this Real Talk about whether or not men want to have anal sex* with women. I didn’t really know what to expect  but I did feel kind of uncomfortable asking a bunch of random guys (some friends, some not) whether or not they were into it. I’m not going to provide any more commentary other than this: I was surprised by how varied the responses were. So, here’s 10 guys offering up their opinions on “anal play” as it is sometimes called. More »