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Celebrate International Cat Day With These Fun Cat Themed Housewares!

Celebrate International Cat Day With These Fun Cat Themed Housewares!

Did you know that today is International Cat Day? Founded in 2002 by Cathy cartoons to help single women come to terms with their never ending solitude,* International Cat Day is a day to celebrate, reflect, and buy shit on Etsy. To that end, I’ve assembled a list of excellent cat-themed housewares, as just because you’re not allowed to have 100 actual cats doesn’t mean you can’t still be surrounded by hundreds of feline eyes wherever you go. So brush the hair off your shirt, click through these wonderful items, and adopt a few more of the internet’s favorite animal. Full disclosure: I may or may not have already purchased all of these things for my new place. More »

Animals In Addition To Cats I’d Like To See On The Cover Of Magazines

Animals In Addition To Cats I'd Like To See On The Cover Of Magazines

Have you seen the cover of Women’s Day from 1964? It’s… really only cats. Just cat picture after cat picture. It’s magnificent. According to the description in The Village Voice:

Since it’s adorably fuzzy, impossibly cute, and somehow able to predict the specifics of our tech future, you might think that the January 1964 issue of Woman’s Day somehow had to be guest-edited in Japan. But no. It is instead exactly what it looks like: a magazine issue that doesn’t just announce what the future will be like: It actually resembles that future. Just pages after the article “Your Fabulous Future” predicts that mothers will carry “a pocket device” with a “pocket radio-television-telephone” that will “enable her to survey her children no matter where they are playing,” the prescient souls at Woman’s Day actually demonstrate exactly what–besides America’s children–will most often appear on everyone’s pocket TV/communicators: adorable kitties.

Right, just in case you were feeling a need to break out of the mold, I’ve been thinking about some other options. Namely: More »