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AM News: Lessons We’ve Learned From Kim Kardashian

AM News: Lessons We've Learned From Kim Kardashian

Lessons we’ve learned from – wait for it, wait for it – Kim Kardashian. -The Frisky

Penelope Cruz is Esquire‘s sexiest woman alive. (Are we surprised?) -Newser

It’s scarf season! Here are 6 creative ways to tie them. -Bustle

Annie Lenox criticizes Beyonce’s use of “feminism”. -The Frisky

5 celebrities who’ve had stalkers -Newser

Amanda Bynes’ parents are trying to get her help again. -Bustle

Neiman Marcus thinks a 475 K perfume is a good idea. -The Frisky

Taylor Swift calls out John Cleese for sexism. -Bustle
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