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17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like They’re Wearing A Halloween Costume

17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like Theyâre Wearing A Halloween Costume

Whether you like their style or not (spoiler alert: I usually don’t), you have to admit that there are a bunch of celebrities in the world who consistently dress like every day is Halloween. And instead of being baffled by them, like I am for the rest of the year, I’m choosing to use their exploits to benefit myself, and mine their outfits for ideas. Or at least be impressed with their self-confidence at repeatedly leaving their homes like that. Either way. More »

Oddly Specific Celebrity Rumors

Oddly Specific Celebrity Rumors

Taylor Swift is working on getting her real estate license.

Demi Lovato bought her dad the latest book in the Last Lion series for Christmas because her dad is a big Churchill fan.

Sam Elliott anonymously manages three separate parody Twitter accounts.

Every time Chris Rock travels, he leaves a copy of Rumours behind for the next guest, just in case they don’t have a copy.

Paz de la Huerta has never been to a Waffle House. More »