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Predicting Next Year’s Ingenue Scandals

Predicting Next Year's Ingenue Scandals

This has been a big year for celebrity scandals. More so, and also worse than. Young actresses did terrible things, probably, and everyone was very worried them. Nobody wore seatbelts. Miley Cyrus stole a plane and then ate a human heart. It was awful, just awful. And 2013 looks to be even worse. Here are some predictions we’ve managed to come up with so far, although I’m sure we’ve only begun to scratch at the surface of these young celebrities’ collective depravity. More »

Why It’s So Annoying When Celebrities Say They Don’t Have Stylists

Why It's So Annoying When Celebrities Say They Don't Have Stylists

Blake Lively said in a recent interview that she doesn’t have a stylist. I know this means we’re all supposed to bow down and worship her as some kind of fashion demigoddess, but every time I read about a celebrity boasting that they dress themselves, I just want to throw something. Why? Because here’s what a celebrity does have, even if they don’t have a stylist: More »

Kid Dangerous Grime Couture Shirts

Kid Dangerous Grime Couture Shirts

At first glance some people might say Kid Dangerous Grime Couture shirts are too basic. But after that initial assessment maybe you’ll appreciates it’s basic quality. Like they always say, sometimes, less is more. OR, Keep it Simple… yah know.