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Everything You Need To Know About Cellulite

Everything You Need To Know About Cellulite

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Something happened in the news today that made me think about something you guys ask about a lot: cellulite. Paparazzi snapped pictures of Iggy Azalea in a bikini on vacation, and the unedited, untouched photos of Iggy just hanging out poolside showed that she has cellulite on her butt. My reaction? Um, SO WHAT? Iggy has a big butt, no surprise there – so why are people surprised that there’s some cellulite on it?! More »

The ‘Daily Mail’ Is Obsessed With Kate Moss’ Cellulite, Can Suck It

The 'Daily Mail' Is Obsessed With Kate Moss' Cellulite, Can Suck It

Kate Moss made a splash when she hit the Fall 2011 Louis Vuitton runway in hot shorts with a cigarette in hand. I love seeing Moss on runways, in editorials, in campaigns, etc, because she’s a great model (you can’t have 20 year career if your only skill is being really skinny) and, at 37, her face is still extraordinary. But the Daily Mail made the above graphic with the headline, More »