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Party Favors: Tampons Do Not Belong In Your Cereal

Party Favors: Tampons Do Not Belong In Your Cereal

A Georgia couple is suing their grocery store for selling them cereal with a tampon in the box. The husband didn’t find the tampon until he took a bite of his cereal. Perhaps he’s blind or it was a junior size, but shouldn’t he have seen it before he took a bite of his Chocolate Chip Crunch? – Yahoo! News

It’s September, which means it’s almost October, which means it’s almost Halloween. Do you have your sexy Sesame Street costume yet? – The Consumerist

A 27-year-old creeper posted pictures of himself and his 14-year-old fiancée on Facebook. He was then obviously arrested for statutory rape. – Gawker

A husband and wife in Brooklyn fought over the husband’s possession of a porn DVD. The husband had a knife, the wife had scissors. Scissors beat knife and now the wife is being charged with murder. – The Frisky

Realizing you’re the one who’s the hot mess of the night is the worst, especially after your face is buried in the toilet of the men’s restroom because it was the only one that was empty in time. Here’s how to avoid being “that girl.” – College Candy

If you think you know nothing about sex, you’re right. Apparently you’re supposed to sleep with 12 people before settling down and if you’re on the Pill, your taste in men is skewed. Err… – YourTango More »