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Link Love: The Day Emma Watson Had a Panic Attack

Link Love: The Day Emma Watson Had a Panic Attack

Although she finds it a huge compliment, hearing that she’s a fashion icon makes Emma Watson “nervous.” -Coco Perez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are launching a line of clothing and accessories for Kohl’s. Hope it does better than their last collaboration. -Reuters

Bergdorf Goodman’s windows have gotten their own book. -Vanity Fair

Outtakes from the shoot of Band of Outsider’s lookbook, featuring professional cool people like Donald Glover and Michelle Williams. -T Magazine

Parsing Vogue‘s best dressed women list… with pictures! -Fashion Indie

Tom Ford <3 olds, Burberry masters social networking, lots on Lanvin for H&M, and More »

Gallery: Jodie Marsh’s Magical Style Advice

Gallery: Jodie Marsh's Magical Style Advice

Eagle-eyed (or just British) readers noted the lack of Jodie Marsh, UK glamour model and media personality (whatever both of those things mean). The more I looked at photos of Marsh, the more I realized that she’s not really chavvy, just mind-bogglingly tasteless and transparent in her urgent want of press and, more importantly, she needed a whole gallery to herself.
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