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The Editors Discuss: How To Seduce A Married Man

The Editors Discuss: How To Seduce A Married Man

Esquire recently published a feature entitled “Why We Cheat” by Lisa Taddeo, which details her trysts with married men in elaborately, impressively purple prose. TheGloss is appalled all over and we think a better title might be, “Why Lisa Taddeo Is An Asshole,” because she spends a few thousand words explaining how being on the “side of the winners” is all about hating other women but loving to fuck their husbands! Actual sentence: “Every time I meet a married woman, I think about the things she does that likely annoy her husband.” Anyway, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are still reeling. Here, they dissect infidelity, why they wouldn’t fuck each other’s husbands and all the awesome shit they’ll do for their husbands to keep them from sleeping with Lisa Taddeo (like rappelling from ceilings unexpectedly)! More »

How to Know When You’re Being Unprofessional

How to Know When You're Being Unprofessional

So the other day, I was at this awards show called the VMA’s. (OK, I’ll stop with the VMA faux-humility. It just feels like a weird thing to throw out there…like, you know how people who graduated from Harvard talk about dropping the “H-bomb?” That’s how I feel bringing up the fact that I was at the VMA’s. Anyway.) Upon arrival, all the members of the press were given numbers and told to line up accordingly, so that the show’s coordinators could lead us out to the white carpet like calm, orderly sheep.

So I’m standing there waiting, and all of a sudden More »