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Kerry Low Low Diet Ad Parody Is… Actually A Diet Ad

Kerry Low Low Diet Ad Parody Is... Actually A Diet Ad

Like most everyone with eyeballs and a body, Irish cheese company Kerry Low Low is “sick of food advertising clichés.” They recently released a video parodying typical diet food ads geared toward women and–while it’s funny and accurate–it’s also a little suspect. Kerry Low Low is a company that sells reduced fat cheese products to women, so their parody of a diet ad is also a diet ad. More »

All The Wright Stuff: I Love Cheese

All The Wright Stuff: I Love Cheese

One of my best friends is lactose intolerant. Any dairy and she’s suffering for days. After hearing about a few of her post-cheese episodes, this condition is on my list of things that will evoke instant sympathy from me.

I cannot imagine a life without cheese. I love cheese. My refrigerator and my waistline will attest to my frequent enjoyment of all kinds of cheese. Gouda? Sure. Brie? You bet. Extra sharp 2 year old cheddar from organic fed cows owned by vegan peace activists who teach the cows yoga? Absolutely. If it says “cheese” on the label I will at least try it. More »