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That One Time Chelsea Handler Tried To Pretend She’s Younger Than Sofia Vergara

That One Time Chelsea Handler Tried To Pretend Sheâs Younger Than Sofia Vergara

The inclination to lie about your age is a really odd one, I think. I can understand it on a basic level, because getting older can be a really scary thing if you haven’t come to terms with it, but I think eventually it will come back to bite you in the ass. Not because you’ll grow a long Pinocchio nose and be found out in front of all your friends or anything, although that would be humiliating. But because there may come an occasion in your life where you find yourself in the same room with Sofia Vergara. Let me explain. More »

Celebrity Talk Shows I Would Gladly Host

Celebrity Talk Shows I Would Gladly Host

A weekly celebrity talk show set in my bathtub where I interview magazine photos of famous people with the eyes cut out. No cameras.

Chelsea Handler wearing a plain linen shift and screaming, screaming.

A talk show where every guest is forced to sing as much of “Danny Boy” as they can remember and once they miss a word they have to leave.

A talk show where everyone has to play the old board game Pretty Pretty Princess and talk about why the Tom Bombadil scenes would have been really hard to film for the Lord of the Rings

A celebrity talk show where all the guests and I soak in a big hot tub where the water’s never quite hot enough and talk about the impact Maude had on their careers and personal lives. More »