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Other Books We’d Like To See Women Write Besides ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’

Other Books We'd Like To See Women Write Besides 'Go The Fuck To Sleep'

Over at Babble, writer Amy Sohn recently wrote a piece about the book “Go the Fuck to Sleep.” The faux-children’s tome was written by Adam Mansbach, about how much he wants his kids to settle in for the night so he can go watch a DVD. In her article, Sohn wonders whether the story could have been written by a mom like herself, and still been as well-received.
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Elizabeth Taylor Wrote A Children’s Book About Her Pet Chipmunk

Elizabeth Taylor Wrote A Children's Book About Her Pet Chipmunk

I think Nibbles, Elizabeth Taylor’s chipmunk friend, is probably the most important and exciting “news item” of the day/week. The children’s book – which Taylor wrote at 14 – contains “photographs of the two friends together” and chapters like “Concerning, Among Other Things, My Most Wonderful Birthday” (I don’t want to spoil anything, but Nibbles gets a friend!) You can buy the book here, unless it is already sold out from everyone frantically clicking at the same time. – via Hugparty More »