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Gallery: Inside Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier’s Predictably Hideous California Mansion

Gallery: Inside Ed Hardy Designer Christian Audigier's Predictably Hideous California Mansion

Founder and designer of the much-maligned Ed Hardy label, Christian Audigier, has put a few of his California properties on the market recently. The following is a tour of his hacienda in Topanga, which is not a made-up name for Corey’s girlfriend on Boy Meets World and as a native Californian, this is blowing my mind. Anyway, the asking price is $7.65 million and comes with all the steer skulls and fur throes you could ever dream of having. Anyway, we’re sure somewhere Jon Gosselin and Tara Reid are saving pennies for their dream home/sitcom premise, but until then, let’s just take a look and appreciate all the bad taste on display. I’ll be the pushy real estate agent, you be the sucker. Let’s do this, baby. More »

Ed Hardy PSA

Ed Hardy PSA

When you think about it, if we lived in a world without a brand like Ed Hardy, we’d probably have to invent it. Because there’s no other way to instantly know who all the assclowns are. – Buzzfeed