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Friday Style Icon: Cate Blanchett’s Greatest Red Carpet Moments

Friday Style Icon: Cate Blanchett's Greatest Red Carpet Moments

Cate Blanchett has class and good taste to spare. She’s talented and poised and taken very seriously. That said, she doesn’t play it safe on the red carpet (like a lot of respected actresses in her category) and she’s not afraid to look a little crazy. Most of the time, however, her risks pay off. And yes, I am taking about the extraordinary Givenchy Haute Couture dress she wore to the Oscars (deal with it, Jennifer). So this week, we’re taking a look at some of Cate Blanchett’s greatest red carpet successes. Whether elegant in a favorite like Armani, or stunning in Valentino, or unforgettable in McQueen, Blanchett always manages to keep it interesting. More »

Ready-to-Click: Christian Lacroix Goes Into The Fairy Tale Business

Ready-to-Click: Christian Lacroix Goes Into The Fairy Tale Business

Christian Lacroix is branching into fables. -The Telegraph

Teasers for Kate Moss’ upcoming Dior Addict ads have dropped. That was fast. -Catwalk Queen

She has also reportedly insisted that her fiance give up drinking…? -The Independent

Yohji Yamamoto likes “dirty” stuff, is thoughtful. -Racked

LVMH keeps on acquiring, Kirsten Dunst models, Abbey Lee doesn’t and More »

Gallery: 10 Straight Male Fashion Designers

Gallery: 10 Straight Male Fashion Designers

People sometimes joke about how everyone in fashion–who doesn’t have girl parts–is gay… which is a pretty lame thing to say about an industry that produces a lot of brilliant work by a lot of talented people, some of whom happen to be gay. But hey, funny story, some of those dudes designing beautiful clothes for women happen to be straight, too! Here’s ten of ‘em and so much for boring generalizations! More »

Ready-to-Click: Venus Williams’ Spectacular Fashion Fail

Ready-to-Click: Venus Williams' Spectacular Fashion Fail

Venus Williams in the worst outfit ever to grace a tennis court. -Daily Mail

Oscar de la Renta was not down with Michelle Obama’s Alexander McQueen gown. -WWD

Patrick Mohr glued his models’ mouths shut and bleached their eyebrows. -Fashion Indie

Golden Globes beauty: get… Justin Bieber’s… dewy look? -Fashionista

Nike x Steven Alan is cool sporty minimalism. -Racked

Man beauty at Rick Owens, Freja Beha’s ubiquity, Lacroix’s comeback and More »

The Top 25 Red Carpet Looks of 2010

The Top 25 Red Carpet Looks of 2010

Black and white and blue all over… just like the runways instructed, cobalt was ubiquitous this year. Here’s a gallery of our 25 favorite looks from the red carpet this year, which run the gamut from Diane Kruger’s stunning minimalism to Tilda Swinton’s avant garde silhoutte and a whole lot of electric blue in between. More »