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The Misanthropologist: Imagining Christine O’Donnell’s Halloween

The Misanthropologist: Imagining Christine O'Donnell's Halloween

This week’s Misanthropologist is all a product of my imagination because 1) I have a gallery prepared for you and 2) look, galleries take a lot of time and energy, and sitting upright is kind of a hassle when there’s all this decaying Halloween candy I found on dashboards of unlocked cars parked outside the Y (they go awesome with dumpster jello shots) (shut up). So I was thinking I should probably comment on this whole Christine O’Donnell brouhaha, only I have no clue what happened. These are the facts I know More »

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O’Donnell?

Do We Really Need To Slut Shame Christine O'Donnell?

I’m not a fan of Christine O’Donnell. Because she’s a witch! No, because I think she’s an odd lady who lies a lot, and not particularly well. But I really do believe that every woman in America – in the world – should have the right to dress up in a lady-bug suit, get drunk and make out with douchebags if she feels like it.

Well, ideally, not douchebags. Because I guess if you do make out with total douchebags, years later, they’ll remember, and sell the story of your hook-up to Gawker. And it will contain gems like this: More »

Pop Quiz! Is Christine O’Donnell You?

Pop Quiz! Is Christine O'Donnell You?

Look, the fact that Tea-Party sensation Christine O’Donnell “will do what I’d do” were I in Washington is terrifying. I have a weak moral compass, so mostly what I’d do is “use my power to seduce interns” and “drink” and “accept bribes” (remember, large companies, TheGloss is always open! Leave your money in a brown paper bag in the trash can outside our office!). But the fact that she’s going to Washington to “do what’s you do” isn’t the point. The point is, despite that smokey black background, she is not a witch (she just dabbled). She’s you! But is she? Give yourself one point for each question you answer “yes” to.
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