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What To Do With Christmas Gifts You Don’t Want

What To Do With Christmas Gifts You Don't Want

Perhaps you received too many Apple products. Perhaps you received an insufficient number of Apple products and risk being drummed out of the local chapter of your Apple product society. Perhaps the spirit of Steve Jobs’ recently impounded yacht will haunt your dreams tonight; that is a matter for your conscience.

Perhaps everyone you know bought you a candle. If you are a survivalist; all to the good. Pack them in your survivin’ shelter and wait for time to prove you right. If you are not a survivalist, find a way to make peace with the fact that no one really knows you; no one even bothered to pretend to know you. More »

Re-Gift Or Return: The After Christmas Debate

Re-Gift Or Return: The After Christmas Debate

Ah, the joy of family. They always know just what you want for the holidays, right? Haha, I made a funny.

All the goodwill and generosity in the world can’t help extended family who sees you twice a year buy a decent present. It’s not their fault. They know very little about you and your life. They’re guessing what might interest you based on your gender, age and a general stereotype. It’s just not a recipe for a perfect and thoughtful gift that you’re giving to enjoy and appreciate for the rest of your life.

But what are you supposed to do with all those crappy presents? Head back to the store and wait in line for a bajillion hours or foist this piece of junk onto another unsuspecting gift recipient? More »

Cashmere for Dad

Cashmere for Dad

It’s almost time to hit the shops… online or otherwise to shop for Dad, who just happens to be the most difficult guy to buy for. But, I think that I have found the perfect thing. “Whether you want to … More »

Easy Bake Ovens…

Easy Bake Ovens...

“A favorite of young cooks for over 35 years! This working oven helps your young chef create delicious treats that are fun to bake! Make all kinds of hot toppings and other tasty treats in the warming trays. Melt cheese … More »