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21 Extremely Ugly Cutout Dresses

21 Extremely Ugly Cutout Dresses

Earlier this week, Lily Collins stopped by the premiere of her new movie, The Mortal Instruments, wearing yet another cutout dress. Having covered so many examples of the remarkably banal trend, we finally just got sick of it all and declared them dumb. Or at least, frequently in very poor taste–they’re extremely popular with unapologetic fameballs for a reason.

Thus, we were inspired to wrangle up a collection of our least favorites, from recent disasters to some classic all-time worsts. Enjoy? More »

Shopping Guide: Now’s The Time To Buy Chelsea Boots

Shopping Guide: Now's The Time To Buy Chelsea Boots

So we were outside TheGloss‘ Manhattan office last week and spotted a girl in Dr Martens (which we actively look for, apparently, because we’re still a friendless goth teenager). Upon looking a little closer, we realized they were actually a Dr Martens’ version of chelsea boots, which we had never seen and found kind of surprising. The short, suctioned ankle boot was a staple of the mod scene and enjoys a resurgence about every ten years–also! when spray-painted glossy white, they’re the unofficial shoe of the Stormtroopers in Star Wars–so we decided now would be a good time to go looking for a pair. While window shopping over the weekend, we then noticed approximately 60,000* other girls wearing Chelsea boots. …Which means we have an exploding trend on our hands. Moreover, an “It” shoe that’s walkable and practical is about the only kind we can get behind. So, without further ado… More »

Friday Style Icon: Diane Kruger’s Red Carpet Grand Slams

Friday Style Icon: Diane Kruger's Red Carpet Grand Slams

We love Diane Kruger. Maybe it’s because the Chanel runway is effectively her closet? Or that the former model is flawless looking? Regardless, Kruger allegedly doesn’t use a stylist and however she shows up–whether she’s working minimalism, intricate beading or retro silhouettes–she always looks memorable. Also, if this point hasn’t been made everywhere it should be: the woman’s makeup is always, always, always on point. Please enjoy the following gallery of amazing red carpet looks from Diane Kruger, today’s Friday Style Icon. More »

Red Carpet Rundown: Fashion From The 2011 NME Awards

Red Carpet Rundown: Fashion From The 2011 NME Awards

Awards season is drawing to a rapid close and here under the wire is the fashion from the NME Awards across the pond. While I was sifting through shots of the various Brits on the red carpet, I thought to myself, “I have no clue who half these people are.” So, having narrowed the pool considerably, here’s the fashion from the attendees who needed no further Googling. Enjoy! More »

Ready-to-Click: Katy Perry’s Glamorous Growths

Ready-to-Click: Katy Perry's Glamorous Growths

The “Teenage Dream” singer’s mouth is 150 Swarovski crystals worth of weird. -People

Since a lot of people would buy anything Natalia Vodianova is selling, it sounds like Russia will host the World Cup. -Modelinia

Angelina Jolie will collaborate on a jewelry line. Someone has likely beaten me to a joke about blood vial necklaces. -WWD

Isabel Toledo has designed… a candle. -T Magazine

Another non sequitur designer collaboration, Jessica Simpson’s pile of gold, Gisele to breed again, and More »