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You Need a Drink: In America’s Drunkest Cities

You Need a Drink: In America's Drunkest Cities

So you think you can drink? The Daily Beast has listed the 40 drunkest cities in America. The rankings were determined by the percentage of citizens identified as binge drinkers and the number of booze-related deaths. Some of the selections won’t surprise you (list-topper Milwaukee is known as a beer capital, plus they’ve had three Socialist mayors), but some of the others (New York City is nowhere to be found, and Reno beat Las Vegas) will. Here’s the top ten: More »

Poll: How Do You Feel About Cat-Calls?

Poll: How Do You Feel About Cat-Calls?

Cat-calls seem to be an inherent part of living and working in any major city. Jennifer wrote an article a little while back about the way she feels about cat-calls. Now, Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter has just posted an article on the subject, reporting that an anti-street harassment group, Hollaback, recently attended a New York city council meeting, urging “council members to consider creating “no-harassment” zones—where it would be illegal to cat-call women and girls— near city schools.” No decision has been reached yet; the council promised to look into it, but also noted that “legislation could violate First Amendment rights.” More »