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If You Really Were What You Wear

If You Really Were What You Wear

A thorough but by no means exhaustive look at what where you shop says about you.

American Apparel: you have a rash somewhere on your body right now that you definitely plan on getting checked out, even though you have yet to make a doctor’s appointment.

Lululemon: all of your scarves are infinity scarves. Somehow you are still unhappy.

Anthropologie: you are reading this on a bicycle. You have always been on a bicycle. You don’t know where you’re going and you can’t stop the bicycle, no matter how much you want to. There is a dog in your basket – a dog you have never seen before in your life. It’s raining gently and you’re frightened. More »

How Much Of Jared Leto’s Wardrobe Could We Find At Hot Topic?

How Much Of Jared Letoâs Wardrobe Could We Find At Hot Topic?

This is a post from our sister site, Crushable.

Oh, Jared Leto, you’re such an iconoclast with your badass skull t-shirts and your fingerless gloves. Wherever do you find such unique and subversive artifacts? Could it be at the teen clothier chain Hot Topic? We were curious how much of Jared’s wardrobe we could find close approximations of at the HT online store, and the answered turned out the be, “All of it.” More » Is Launching With 40% Off All Merchandise Is Launching With 40% Off All Merchandise

kensie will let you change your clothes as often as you change your mind – without breaking the bank! The fashion brand is perfect for the modern girl who likes to mix feminine chic with edgy style. Now, kensie is opening an online shopping site ( and it’s filled with awesome buys. We’re loving the floaty floral tops paired with bad-ass leather-like leggings and feminine dresses with knee-high motorcycle boots. And with price tags almost too good to be true (we’ve got our eye on a totally on-trend alpine print cardigan for just $78!) you’ll still have money left over for holiday shopping.

The prices are always fantastic – and is celebrating the season with an additional 40% off all merchandise on December 7th. On December 8-12 they are offering 25% off on their New Year’s Party looks. We’re sold. More »

Gallery: 10 Ways to Style Yourself Like Pac Man

Gallery: 10 Ways to Style Yourself Like Pac Man

Happy 30th anniversary, Pac Man! We love you! You’re so fun and helpful to our hand-eye coordination skills. And make us dream of blue monsters eating little yellow dots. To celebrate this glorious occasion of Pac Man (both the Mr. and the Ms.) still being the original, cool arcade game 30 years later, here are some essential pieces to add to your wardrobe inspired by the little guys. More »