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Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Party Favors: The Best Pickup Line Ever

Why one woman says that living with Mom and Dad actually improved her marriage. – YourTango

What should you do when you’re in love with two men? Surprisingly, “force them to joust to the death to win your heart” is not on the list. – Betty Confidential

If your Christmas just isn’t sexy enough, might we suggest adding “The 7 Cup Sizes of Christmas”? – The Stir

And the most foolproof pickup line in the whole world is …. – Lemondrop

Forget about a man for all seasons. Right now you need a winter boyfriend, who will cuddle with you for warmth and stay home watching movies rather than venturing outside. – Marie Claire More »

The eBabes’ Guide to Winter Coats

The eBabes' Guide to Winter Coats

As the last of our jorts and bikinis are safely put away in storage for the season, it’s time to think about coats. Not only that, it’s time to think about finding the coat no one else has. Don’t think a thousand other women in the city haven’t considered that black J.Crew trench, or the H&M pea coat with anchors on the buttons. They can keep their dime-a-dozen outerwear (and possible bedbugs) — we’d much rather dust off our Paypal accounts and find something unique on eBay. And so, we present some of the best coats for this season, courtesy of our favorite online marketplace. More »

The Annual Autumn Turtleneck Dilemma

The Annual Autumn Turtleneck Dilemma

Every autumn, I have the exact same sartorial dilemma. As the weather starts to cool and skies revert to perma-gray, I find myself falling in love with a turtleneck or two. They look so cozy, I tell myself, and I won’t even need to wear a scarf! So I buy one, despite the five unworn turtlenecks of last year that are now wedged in the back of my closet. I wear the turtleneck to work the next day, feeling so warm and seasonally-appropriate, and then … it happens. More »