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10 Under $20: We Tried The Best Bright Eyeliners On A Budget!

10 Under $20: We Tried The Best Bright Eyeliners On A Budget!

Love bright, bold eyeliner? Me, too. The only thing that bums me out is when you spend money on something you think will be one gorgeous color, but it turns out to be a completely different shade despite the packaging and (possibly very obscure) name.

So, I decided to swatch a bunch of them on my eyes in order to see which offered the best colors! From deep magentas to iridescent purples to aquamarines, this guide has got you covered — all under $20! More »

Party Favors: Here’s Looking At Hue

Party Favors: Here's Looking At Hue

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Does This Lingerie Match Their Skin Tone?

Does This Lingerie Match Their Skin Tone?

M&S is launching a line of “invisible” lingerie to match women’s skin tones! Which is a completely brilliant idea! Except that – according to my eyes – this lingerie is visible, doesn’t appear to match anyone’s skin tone. Because, you know, human skin isn’t eggshell colored (though I commend them on finding one model who does, indeed, have a whiter shade of pale skin). But science went into this! The Daily Mail reports: More »