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What We Learned About Women From Our New Commenters

What We Learned About Women From Our New Commenters

So, we certainly made some new friends over the 4th of July weekend! We made s’mores with them – all kinds of s’mores – and hung out by the pool and capered through the vineyard wearing ribbon belts and oh, it was fun! It was just such fun!

Also, our site got a lot of new commenters! Largely on these three posts. And they taught us a lot about ourselves. Being with them was like going on a voyage of self-discovery, like the fantastic voyage, but inside our souls, with fewer arterial clots. So, thank you, new commenters. Thank you for helping us understand what it means to be a woman. This, incidentally, is what it means: More »

Here’s Why 32% Of You Aren’t Using Condoms

Here's Why 32% Of You Aren't Using Condoms

Yesterday we wrote about whether or not anyone was using condoms. Answer: some of you are. At last check, the poll indicated that 68% of you either use them all the time or until you or your partner has been tested. And then there’s the other 32% of you who are insane wild risk takers who would probably like to go shark diving drunk. Here are some of your comments the offer insight into why so many of you are opting to skip the wrap (though I am a little surprised that no one cites religious reasons. I am expressing that surprise via a Pope condom picture): More »