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New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Don’t Choose To Feel Beautiful

New Dove #ChooseBeautiful Ad Shames Women Who Donât Choose To Feel Beautiful

Imagine this scenario: you’re on your way to a store or restaurant to catch up on some shopping or grab a cup of coffee. But over the doors to the place you’re trying to go, you see a pair of labels, one that says “Beautiful” and the other that says “Average”. You have to pass through one of them if you want to go buy that pair of jeans or chug that mocha latte. Oh, and the company that put them there? It did that because it’s worried you don’t have enough self-esteem. More »

Gabourey Sidibe Calls Out Everyone Who’s Shocked By Her Confidence In A Flawless Speech

Gabourey Sidibe Calls Out Everyone Whoâs Shocked By Her Confidence In A Flawless Speech

Last night, at the Gloria Awards and Gala hosted by the Ms. FoundationGabourey Sidibe gave a speech about self-confidence so fab that I vote “yes” to her presidency. Okay, I know that she isn’t currently running for president. It’s just that her points were so moving that, mid-way through, I got distracted and started mentally organizing a campaign and collecting donations. But, once I snapped back to reality, I was nothing short of impressed. More »

Almost-Naked, Fully-Awesome Women Protest Victoria’s Secret’s Discriminatory Body Standards

Almost-Naked, Fully-Awesome Women Protest Victoria's Secret's Discriminatory Body Standards

We all know that Victoria’s Secret ads are nipped, tucked and photoshopped to the max, but even so, it is difficult to get those images out of our minds as being the definitions of what makes women sexy or beautiful. Where their legs are perfectly smooth, we see ours ripple in the mirror; where their skin is glowing, we see blotchiness; where their breasts are gravitationally immune, we see ours slowly descending downward. More »