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Almost-Naked, Fully-Awesome Women Protest Victoria’s Secret’s Discriminatory Body Standards

Almost-Naked, Fully-Awesome Women Protest Victoria's Secret's Discriminatory Body Standards

We all know that Victoria’s Secret ads are nipped, tucked and photoshopped to the max, but even so, it is difficult to get those images out of our minds as being the definitions of what makes women sexy or beautiful. Where their legs are perfectly smooth, we see ours ripple in the mirror; where their skin is glowing, we see blotchiness; where their breasts are gravitationally immune, we see ours slowly descending downward. More »

How To Take Compliments: A Guide For The Insecure Woman

How To Take Compliments: A Guide For The Insecure Woman

The other day, our writer Amanda reflected on how she wishes she could learn to take a compliment after an uncomfortable incident with a flattering partner. For those who hate links, the gist of the situation: he called her sexy, she got annoyed, he insisted she learn to take a compliment, she got angry, he got upset, she told him he would soon lose a testicle if he pushed the discussion further. As she wrote, all Amanda really wants to say to those who flatter her is, “Shut the fuck up and quit being nice for the sake of being nice,” but wondered if anybody else had advice on how to take a compliment.

Including some suggestions from you readers, here are a few recommendations for those (myself included) who have a bit of a hard time with flattery. More »