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I Changed My Style For A Dude, And I’m Okay With That

I Changed My Style For A Dude, And I'm Okay With That

As we established yesterday, Kanye West has gradually been molding Kim Kardashian into his beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy of What Kanye West’s Girlfriend Should Look Like. And while I generally have little empathy for that bionic fame-eater, I must admit it made me think back on my own stylistic evolution, a personal development which was largely caused by being in a controlling relationship with a Kanye of my own. More »

5 Signs That Your Partner Thinks They’re Your Parent

5 Signs That Your Partner Thinks They're Your Parent

No one wants to be treated like a child by their significant other. And yet that doesn’t stop some people in relationships from weighing in on everything from their partner’s finances to their drinking habits (STFU, 11am is a perfectly reasonable time for a Long Island Iced Tea). They may think they’re being helpful, but the reality is that they’re being controlling and need to be put in check.

How to know if this is happening to you? Here are a few telltale signs: More »