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Bullish: Every Weird Thing You Do Will Help You

Bullish: Every Weird Thing You Do Will Help You

I recently spoke at Yale University, where it was icy and Gothic, everyone was very nice and very smart, and I was reminded of what it was like to be 21 and not know how to order a cocktail yet. I was also reminded of what it was like to be able to say, “I study literature” (or philosophy, or economics) and have that mean basically full-time: I LIVE THE LIFE OF THE MIND. Oh, college!

Specifically, I was the guest at a Master’s Tea, wherein the master of one of Yale’s residential colleges chats with a guest about some interesting topic. We drank Earl Grey. It was very civilized. Although the posters for my talk said nothing gender-specific, almost everyone who showed up was female. I just have that vibe, I guess. More »

Harlotry: How I Became A Whore

Harlotry: How I Became A Whore

I decided I wanted to be a prostitute when I was seventeen. Most people assume I made this decision because I had seen Pretty Woman too many times, because my parents didn’t hug me enough, or because I was somehow coerced into my decision. None of these assumptions are correct. I’ve always been prone to viewing my life more as a story or a series of discrete experiences than as an actual life of connected events. However, saying I decided to join the oldest profession to advance my story is also overly simplistic. More »

Bullish: Three Career F*ckups I Made So You Don’t Have To

Bullish: Three Career F*ckups I Made So You Donât Have To

Some people are successful just because they’re lucky. Some people are successful due to such a confluence of luck and aptitude that it’s impossible to sort out: Ivanka Trump sounds like a pretty cool lady, but it’s impossible for anyone to know if she would’ve done well if not born a Trump.

While I certainly feel privileged to have been born in a nation with good public schools, impeccable sanitation, and lack of Sharia law, I do like to point out that most of what I talk about in Bullish was learned by me in extremely painful ways: I have declared bankruptcy, I have lived in an East Harlem drug den, I have been an awkward sixteen-year-old who had never shaken hands before.

It’s “I Regret Everything” week here at TheGloss! So, here are some ginormous mistakes I’ve made that you don’t have to!

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