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Please Bake Us Some Christmas Pancakes

Please Bake Us Some Christmas Pancakes

Because you don’t have any gifts to buy or holiday shopping to do, right? No? Cool! Here is a recipe we just received for the most festive holiday pancakes in the entire world. You can tell they are festive because they have candy cane on them and the spirit of Christmas (it’s red and white) baked right in there. More »

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Done Crazy Crash Diets

Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who've Done Crazy Crash Diets

Most celebrities credit their distractingly lean physiques to “yoga, pilates, chicken and fish.” Most celebrities are liars. It’s not really their fault, though, being so thin due to a cocktail of tremendous pressure, an intensely competitive industry and public scrutiny. Every now and again, though, actors admit to the extreme measures they take–whether for a role or not–and we never stop being… surprised? Here’s what famous people like Charlize Theron, Christian Bale, Megan Fox and Matt Damon have all done to drop weight fast. Also, we’re really glad Crash Diet Week ends today. More »

Male Musings: Don’t Diet For Extremely Superficial Men (Like Me)

Male Musings: Don't Diet For Extremely Superficial Men (Like Me)

Reading people’s stories all over the site this past week has made me a combination of sad and sick to my stomach. I feel bad because I’m part of the problem: I’m extremely superficial.

How superficial, you ask? Try this. In college, I had a binary system for girls I would sleep with. They were either a 2 or a 0. A size 2, or a size 0. I wish I were kidding. But I’m not. More »

Gallery: The 20 Most Popular Diet Foods Of All Time

Gallery: The 20 Most Popular Diet Foods Of All Time

As long as there are people of relative privilege, there will be diets. And, as long as there are diets, there will be some super ill-advised ones (which is why we’re hosting Crash Diet Week and inviting you guys to tell us your Crash Diet Horror Stories). Anyway, with all these generations of dieters behind us, certain foods–low calorie, lean protein, energy boosting–have become synonymous with dieting as a whole. Regardless of what fad diet is currently capturing popular imagination, the following foods will always be listed out in the same order in every issue of US Weekly until the end of time: start the day with oatmeal, egg whites, fruit, have a salad with grilled fish for lunch, chicken with steamed veggies for dinner and… More »