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Would You Wear: Andreia Chaves’ ‘Invisible Shoes’

Would You Wear: Andreia Chaves' 'Invisible Shoes'

So, I guess these have made the internet rounds before, but I saw them on Buzznet a few minutes ago and since I’m still completely obsessed with them, I’m posting. Sao Paulo designer Andreia Chaves created these “invisible shoes” (among some other fascinating designs) which have a mirrored surface and so reflect whatever you’re walking on… while being simultaneously awesome-looking. Other than the pretension factor of calling them “footwear concepts” as opposed to “shoes,” I think they are completely great. More »

Would You Wear: Slide-On Shoes

Would You Wear: Slide-On Shoes

Here at TheGloss, there are only a few things we love more than a ridiculous shoe (Star Wars, grain alcohol, and baby dinosaurs, if you’re counting) and this “slide-on” heel is a front-runner for the most ridiculous shoe we’ve ever seen. I mean, they rule. But are they even remotely wearable? The answer is we’d try. (via The Hairpin) More »