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Party Favors: A Sexier Definition for ‘Going Postal’

Party Favors: A Sexier Definition for 'Going Postal'

A study shows that mistresses get nicer holiday presents than wives. – New York Daily News

Would you be more likely to use snail mail if your postal worker was naked? – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Being left at the altar is probably embarrassing. But it is worth a $95K lawsuit? One jilted bride is suing her former fiance for wedding costs and emotional trauma. – Lemondrop

You know who’s sexy? Criminals. Meet some of 2010′s hottest jailbirds, in case you’re looking for a penpal. – The Frisky

Why independence within a marriage is actually completely overrated. – Blisstree More »

Dewey Liked My Pocket Square!

Dewey Liked My Pocket Square!

With Lil’ Wayne on his way into solitary confinement for the last 25 days of his prison sentence, his support base seems stronger than ever, people donning his likeness on t-shirts and shouting “Free Weezy!” at the top of their lungs. He is in for a weapons conviction that he is undoubtedly guilty for. And you all are cheering for him? More »