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Where Are All The Asian People In TV And Movies?

Where Are All The Asian People In TV And Movies?

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I grew up in California, which means I grew up in the state with the highest Asian-American population in the entire country. Asian people have never been a rare or shocking sight in my everyday life, so why is it so surprising to see Asian people in Western movies and TV shows? I mean, if you were to use the media as your guide to life, you’d assume that there are only a handful of Asian people on the planet because you never see them on screen. But there are plenty of Asian actors and actresses trying to make their way into the industry…so where are they? More »

This Valentine’s Day, I Will Literally Devour A Heart

This Valentine's Day, I Will Literally Devour A Heart

Love always stirs up the extremes – we romanticize the creation of life out of love; couples die together or watch each other die or elaborately fake their deaths and then die for real in our most romantic stories. Conversely, fairy tales, the first love stories we learned thanks to Disney, were originally pretty gruesome and gory. (I’m just saying, there’s a lot of people baked in pies.) What I’m getting at is this: why are literal hearts not a Valentine’s Day delicacy? More »

How Old Is ‘Too Old’ For Roommates?

How Old Is 'Too Old' For Roommates?

A recent New York Times article on four straight guys who’ve lived together in New York for the past 18 years set off a barrage of criticism and defensiveness in the comments and around the Internet. (You don’t say!) Any man who fails to marry and have children by the age of 40, the conventional wisdom goes, is in a state of “arrested development” and needs to “grow up.” Or if he’s going to insist on being single, he should at least have the decency to punish himself with loneliness. How dare he form a non-traditional family with his friends? More »

The Racy In Literacy Contest: Send In Your Sexy Reading Photos, Win Books

The Racy In Literacy Contest: Send In Your Sexy Reading Photos, Win Books

Look. It’s up to us to put the racy back in literacy.

To that end, send in a picture of you reading while sexy. Now, “sexy” is constituted of whatever that means to you. If it means riding a lawnmower in a Teletubby suit, well, I like that TheGloss accepts all kinds. I’d prefer not to feature nudity unless it ‘s really creatively done, in which case, okay, go for it. Reading is defined as “you should probably have a book in front of you in the picture. Or a kindle. Something.”

Send the pictures – along with your name, and a book recommendation to share – to, any time this week. More »