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Party Favors: Cheap Dates Get Laid

Party Favors: Cheap Dates Get Laid

A new survey says that people are 25 percent more likely to go on a date with someone who is labeled as a saver rather than a spender. Well, I guess they won’t be spending very much on dinner, eh? – Consumerist

Someone asked science whether it’s better to date seriously or hook up. Science responded “Um, I don’t really know, whatevs.” – Lemondrop

Postpartum depression isn’t just for women – a new study shows that some men also experience feelings of depression and unhappiness after the birth of their child. – Asylum

Want some pick up lines that haven’t been used a million times already? The Daily Show correspondent (and Flight of the Conchords vet!) Kristin Schaal has some winners for you. – Marie Claire

Which men are most likely to have penis piercings? White guys in their 30s with good educations. Wait, what does this have to do with Prince Albert being in a can? – Huffington Post

If a guy asks you to go to Cancun with him, that’s great, right? Not when it’s over text message and you’re not dating. – Crushable More »