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Resolution Week: Date Night Ideas That Don’t Involve SVU Marathons

Resolution Week: Date Night Ideas That Donât Involve SVU Marathons

Benjamin Franklin claimed that there was nothing certain in this world but death and taxes. Obviously Ben didn’t have the foresight to include the certainty that, on any given night, there is an episode of Law & Order, or the Big Bang Theory, available for my zombie-like TV consumption after my kids have gone to sleep. This is a problem for a few reasons: One, I do not actually like The Big Bang Theory, and yet I think I have seen every episode. Two, Law & Order (especially SVU) convinces me that there may be no reason to ever let my kids leave my sight until they are 39. And finally, that means the majority of the alone time my husband and I get to spend with each other on a given day is spent warmed by the soft glow of our TV. Judging by the amount of people venting about Scandal or Brian dying on Family Guy via social media, we are not alone in our vegging out. More »