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Party Favors: To Split Or Not To Split, That Is The Question

Party Favors: To Split Or Not To Split, That Is The Question

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Party Favors: Ways Men Screw Up First Dates…Is There Some Sort Of Manual?

Party Favors: Ways Men Screw Up First Dates...Is There Some Sort Of Manual?

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12 Dating Tips You Should Never Listen To (Trust Us)

12 Dating Tips You Should Never Listen To (Trust Us)

This post brought to you by our friends at Gurl.

The Internet is full of information, and while some of it is great and super useful (like everything on Gurl! #ShamelessSelfPromotion), some of it is also just bad. Really bad. I’ve seen some pretty terrible advice while skimming through all of my favorite websites when I’m bored on a Sunday morning, but this latest article made me a little more angry than usual. More »

Party Favors: Three’s Not Always A Crowd

Party Favors: Three's Not Always A Crowd

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