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Demi Moore’s New Boyfriend Is 27, Making Him 2 Whole Years Older Than Her Daughter

Demi Mooreâs New Boyfriend Is 27, Making Him 2 Whole Years Older Than Her Daughter

In an alleged effort to do research for a Never Been Kissed prequel, Demi Moore snagged herself a boyfriend who grew up in the ’90s. His name’s Sean Friday, he’s 27-years-old and he hates when people make jokes like “hey Sean Saturday” or “what’s up Sean Tuesday!” While it’s currently unconfirmed how Demi met Sean Friday, rumors are swirling that she took a trip back to Cougar Town. Although it had been several years since she last visited, she apparently knew the route from heart. In fact, sources tell me she looked upon the town’s Apple Store fondly and noted that’s where she first spotted Ashton Kutcher. “He was younger then,” she’s rumored to have said under breath, “fresher, hotter than ever due to all that Cheaper by the Dozen buzz. Oh how I miss those days…” More »

Russia Fashion Week Bravely Interprets Fall 2013′s “Holding Your Own Boobs” Trend

Russia Fashion Week Bravely Interprets Fall 2013's "Holding Your Own Boobs" Trend

During the most recent NYFW shows, Marc Jacobs unsurprisingly cast celebrity-progeny-of-the-moment (non-Tali Lennox divison) Lily McMenamy to walk for his Fall 2013 collection. While we were really into the gritty glam-rock aesthetic of the clothes, we couldn’t help but feel McMenamy (daughter of supermodel Kristen McMenamy) was a little jipped.* While she got to don some high-waisted shorts, pumps and fishnet gloves, she didn’t get a single additional piece, and hit the runway holding her own breasts. That’s her up there, in case your powers of deduction are lacking (or you didn’t go to Princeton). More »