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10 Products To Help Stop Sweating

10 Products To Help Stop Sweating

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Day by day, the weather is getting a little warmer. I’m so excited for some heat because we had such a dreadful winter, but I’m not really thrilled about the sweat factor. I get really hot really easily. Maybe I’m born with it, maybe it’s annoying. More »

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Sweat (Actually)

Hillary Clinton Doesn't Sweat (Actually)

We read a lot of X-Men comics growing up (and watched the excellent cartoon) and always wondered about the unseen mutants, the ones who got shitty mutations. Like some kid who could never be defeated at tic-tac-toe or a girl who was allergic to sand. Apparently, secretary of state Hillary Clinton may be one such disappointing mutant: she doesn’t sweat. Ever. More »

ASA Bans These Deodorant Ads For ‘Degrading Women’

ASA Bans These Deodorant Ads For 'Degrading Women'

British watchdog group the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is on a roll: they recently banned images of too-skinny models, Dakota Fanning‘s Lolita posing and Hailee Steinfeld‘s Prada campaign. Their latest target is Lynx–UK equivalent of reliably tasteless deodorant brand Axe–which is owned by Unilever. The ads depict UK glamor model Lucy Pindar in various compromising positions… More »

The Heart Monitor: 10 Things I Smell About You

The Heart Monitor: 10 Things I Smell About You

Nothing takes the romance out of a budding relationship quite like a cruddy odor. Bad smells can leave an even worse taste in your mouth. Ladies, gird your loins and hold your noses: here are the top ten foul-smelling, pheromone-killing deal-breakers.

1. Pedi-smell. The date was fantastic and the kiss was even better. You agree to go back to his place and make out on his couch for an hour. Things begin to heat up, and you slowly remove your clothes and take off your shoes when suddenly a smell so overpowering floods the room you run to the bathroom with your shirt in your hands covering your mouth so not to puke on his carpet. Foot odor can kill a hookup faster than a collection of troll dolls. And troll dolls don’t induce nausea.

2. Gym sweat smell. You’re impressed with his work out routine and even more so by his rock hard abs—too bad his sweat stench is less than impressive. And honestly, everyone goes to the gym and manages to soap off that work bench stench. But he somehow he still smells worse than a ripe junior high school locker room. Tell him to wipe off that sweat mustache and hit the shower already. More »