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Gallery: How To Stick To Your Diet When You Have The Munchies

Gallery: How To Stick To Your Diet When You Have The Munchies

So let’s say you’re trying to eat healthier, but you don’t want to give up your post-work jazz cigarette habit because you have to have some vices left or you’ll be way boring. Also, smoking weed is fun and has no calories. What do you do when those pesky munchies hit? Here are some helpful tips. (Warning: suggestions may vary in quality. I’m not a goddamn doctor.) More »

Marisa Miller’s ‘Diet Tricks’ In Women’s Health Read Like Pro-Ana Tips

Marisa Millerâs âDiet Tricksâ In Womenâs Health Read Like Pro-Ana Tips

Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller is on the cover of Women’s Health‘s first issue of 2012, catching readers’ attention so far with her tiny bikini and quotes about her “shy” personality. But what shocked me the most about her interview were her “diet tricks”; they read more like pro-ana tips than handy advice from a healthy woman. This is shocking, I know, given that Victoria’s Secret models are known first and foremost for their health. But seriously—even if she doesn’t realize how psychotic her weight management techniques sound, shouldn’t some editor at Women’s Health?

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Party Favors: At Last, The Enigmatic ‘Trick Of A Tiny Belly’ Revealed

Party Favors: At Last, The Enigmatic 'Trick Of A Tiny Belly' Revealed

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