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Kerry Low Low Diet Ad Parody Is… Actually A Diet Ad

Kerry Low Low Diet Ad Parody Is... Actually A Diet Ad

Like most everyone with eyeballs and a body, Irish cheese company Kerry Low Low is “sick of food advertising clichés.” They recently released a video parodying typical diet food ads geared toward women and–while it’s funny and accurate–it’s also a little suspect. Kerry Low Low is a company that sells reduced fat cheese products to women, so their parody of a diet ad is also a diet ad. More »

8 Imagined Recipes From Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Diet Cookbook, It’s All Good

8 Imagined Recipes From Gwyneth Paltrow's New Diet Cookbook, It's All Good

Last week, we learned some very interesting things about It’s All Good, the new “elimination diet” cookbook from GOOP leader Gwyneth Paltrow. Namely, we learned that it eliminates food.

Here’s a quick list of ingredients you won’t be using when cooking like Gwyneth Paltrow: coffee, alcohol, dairy, chicken eggs (more exclusive eggs are fine), sugar, shellfish, deepwater fish, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, corn, wheat, meat, soy and all processed foods. If this seems a bit draconian (or an obvious symptom of “laughable Hollywood neuroticism“)–you’re right. But nobody said it was easy being Gwyneth Paltrow. Well, maybe they did.

Anyway, the cookbook has been backordered everywhere and Paltrow’s publisher anticipates a big success, which is why we’re extremely pleased to bring you these eight healthful and delicious recipes from It’s All Good–exclusively on The Gloss. Enjoy! More »

Things Gwyneth Paltrow Eats

Things Gwyneth Paltrow Eats

Actress, lifestyle expert and GOOP person Gwyneth Paltrow is currently on promotional detail for her new “elimination diet” cookbook, It’s All Good, which features recipes that feature very little. In fact, it’s kind of a 180 from her domestic goddess wish fulfillment debut, My Father’s Daughter, a book of three-car-garage-homestyle recipes like chicken and dumplings or stuffed avocados (well, stuffed with veganaise). More »

Illustrated Guide: How To Go Gluten Free

Illustrated Guide: How To Go Gluten Free

First it was Atkins, then it was South Beach. But it’s been so long since a fresh, sexy diet revolutionized the self-esteem industry. …Until now. Have you heard of this new diet everyone’s talking about? It’s called “gluten free” and it’s inspired a lot of trend pieces. Miley Cyrus is doing it, Kim Kardashian went “g-free” too! Since I want people to love me the way people love them, I decided to look into a gluten free diet and I’m excited to tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Here, I’ve written and illustrated an extremely thorough guide that’ll show you how to go gluten free for life! More »

Weight Watchers’ Weigh-Ins Need To Stop

Weight Watchersâ Weigh-Ins Need To Stop

I recently attended a local Weight Watchers meeting to speak about an upcoming charity walk/bike ride. Much to my surprise, when I walked in, the receptionist at the front table asked if I “needed to be weighed.” No, I don’t “need” to be weighed, I told her. No one “needs” to be weighed. To me, weighing people in public is just offensive and humiliating. And it goes against everything I believe in about how to get people healthy.

I get that Weight Watchers is all about helping people lose weight. Really, I do. But I don’t believe in scales. As a matter of fact, when I used to be a personal trainer (who worked with a lot of women trying to lose weight), I always advised them not to weigh themselves. Because, quite simply, weighing yourself is a recipe for disaster. More »