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Lindsay Lohan’s Half Sister Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Become A Hotter Version Of Her

Lindsay Lohan's Half Sister Undergoing Plastic Surgery To Become A Hotter Version Of Her

Meet 18-year-old Ashley Horn, totally congruent with the Lohan mold of existential agony, self-righteous obliviousness and pathological lying. Ashley’s mother Kristi had a “brief affair” with Michael Lohan in the early ’90s when he was married to now ex Dina–and after 18 long mortifying years of anonymity, Horn’s decided to make a name for herself by undergoing a series of plastic surgeries to look more like Lindsay.

Only, like, a hotter Lindsay. No, seriously. More »

“I Would Totally Go Clubbing With My Mom”

"I Would Totally Go Clubbing With My Mom"

So, Lindsay Lohan had a major run in the law this week, when she and her mother got into a limo fight in the wee hours of the morning after partying at some club (you can listen to the extremely depressing emergency phonecall Lindsay made to her father Michael over at TMZ). Anyway, the story inspired us to wonder, who goes clubbing with his/her parents? The answer is Gloss EIC Jennifer Wright. …but she does it for the waffles. More »

Lindsay Lohan’s 10 Most Horrifying Fights

Lindsay Lohan's 10 Most Horrifying Fights

Was Lindsay Lohan’s limo fight with her mother, Dina Lohan, her most horrifying fight ever? The fight began after the pair left a club, and a witness claims that Lindsay Lohan was ranting and raving, and Lindsay “suffered a cut on her leg when a diamond bracelet was broken in the fight.” I mean, that sounds crazy (fisticuffs with your mother in the back of a limo?) but then, Lindsay Lohan is in some crazy fight just about every three weeks. Let’s go through them on a scale of 1 (really just like Lindsay saying “hi”) to 10 (things get bad, Lindsay Lohan should probably get some help) More »

Gallery: Lindsay Lohan’s Worst Tans & Bronzer Abuses

Gallery: Lindsay Lohan's Worst Tans & Bronzer Abuses

Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan went to court. Also yesterday, Lindsay Lohan left court. In handcuffs. The former actress was taken into custody for missing nine (count em, nine) of her scheduled community service obligations. This seems like a perfect opportunity for Lohan to publically bitch about how, like, unfair people are being to her because she’s famous, how’s she’s doing fine, totally not doing drugs and those weren’t her pants. Consequently, it’s an even better opportunity for Dina Lohan to whine ad nauseam about the media’s treatment of “[her] child.” And Ali Lohan is off somewhere, too, but no one recognizes her.

Anyway, this isn’t a law blog so we’re not going to delve any deeper into Lohan’s legal troubles (we are also lazy). This is a fashion and beauty blog, though, so we are going to address her bronzer problems. Lohan appeared in court with a pretty intense attempt at contouring but at least she didn’t write “fuck u” on her nails this time, or something similarly infantile. What were you thinking, Lohan?

…If this gallery is to be believed, Linsday Lohan is never thinking. More »

Lindsay Lohan, NEXT Model Manageement Both Deny Ali Has Ever Had Plastic Surgery [UPDATED]

Lindsay Lohan, NEXT Model Manageement Both Deny Ali Has Ever Had Plastic Surgery [UPDATED]

This week, images of Ali Lohan hit the internet and caused a stir. This was odd because normally, no one pays attention to Ali Lohan. They barely pay attention to her sister anymore, for that matter. Anyway, they caused a stir because Ali looks like a completely different human: plasticine skin, hyper-sculpted chin, swollen lips and cheekbones that look like they came out of a Jell-O mold. More »