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If You Love (Or Hate!) Kate Middleton You’ll Love This

If You Love (Or Hate!) Kate Middleton You'll Love This

I’m all about Kate for the win, but, let’s be honest, I also love Ghengis Khan because he wore a funny, furry hat. Kate’s hats are so much prettier than his! But whether you love her (because her hair is so bouncy!) or hate her (because you’re jealous, just mean and jealous) you’ll probably enjoy Kate Middleton For The Win. Here are some of our favorite slides, click here to see the full set. More »

Paul Frank scrubs

Paul Frank scrubs

  Via Imags hack Ok, if you work in the medical field, pay close attention to this. Why should we wear our working attire? Well, as we all know, it helps giving the impression to the party where you’re provided … More »