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Video: The Same-Sex Israeli ‘Dancing’ Pair Is Back

Video: The Same-Sex Israeli 'Dancing' Pair Is Back

They’re more than just dance partners – they’re trailblazers. Israeli TV host Gili Shem Tov agreed to be on her country’s edition of Dancing with the Stars under the condition that she be assigned a female partner. The show agreed, and Shem Tov, along with her pro dance partner Dorit Milman, quickly captured attention around the world.

This week, they performed their second dance, a sexy rumba. More »

Israeli ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Will Feature a Same-Sex Pair

Israeli 'Dancing With the Stars' Will Feature a Same-Sex Pair

The Israeli version of hit show Dancing With the Stars has just announced that a contestant on this year’s show, TV host Gill Shem Tov (a woman), will be paired with a female professional dancer, Dorit Milman. Shem Tov, who is a lesbian, has helped bring international attention to Israel’s version of the show. But instead of asking “why is Israel doing that?” I would like to ask “why isn’t America?” More »