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Fun And Cheap First Date Ideas

Fun And Cheap First Date Ideas

Try to guess how much money your date makes in a year. Start by guessing how much the clothes they’re wearing cost, then how expensive their car was. Keep smiling the entire time. “Is it $40,000? $38,000?” Pick a number in your head – any number – and if the actual amount is higher or lower by even a dollar, leave. More »

The (Social) Dos and Don’ts of Having a Baby

The (Social) Dos and Don'ts of Having a Baby

Ah, pregnancy. Such a magical time in a woman’s life. Your hair gets thicker, your boobs get enorm, and you radiate the joy and peace that is the miracle of life.

And we’re so happy for you, and your addition, and the newest member of your family, and your little bundle of joy, and the adventure you’re embarking on, and this exciting time for you and your partner, and the growth of your family, and your health, and your fertility. But sadly, there are a number of ways that you can — unwittingly, of course, you’re an expectant mother! — use your happiness to ruin everyone else’s. Here, to help you avoid that, are some (social) dos and don’ts of having a baby: More »