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Why That Summer’s Eve Commercial Is Ridiculous

Why That Summer's Eve Commercial Is Ridiculous

Opening scene: Cleopatra, from atop a pyramid, raises her arms to throngs of supporters below. Maybe she’s rallying them to war, maybe they’re celebrating her birthday, maybe she’s like, “Yo, thanks for building this pyramid. I hope King Tut doesn’t die from incest-derived genetic deformities, and I hope that when I die you bury me with all my gold rather than distributing it amongst the poor masses.” More »

Behold, The Man Shrug

Behold, The Man Shrug

Specially designed for people whose arms are just too muscular to bend, thereby preventing them from executing the douchtastic shirt pulled up, abs exposed photo-op. We have The Situation to blame for this.  The shirts are from Frankie Morello spring/summer … More »