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‘I Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfit’

âI Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfitâ

Dress codes in the office have changed a lot over the years. Historians say it was in the 1960s that the rules for what to wear began to disintegrate. But there are still some employers that are very set in their ways and always expect a certain uniform in the workplace which not everyone is aware of or wants to believe, especially when it is 85 degrees outside. Can you imagine being sent home from work on a hot summer day because you weren’t wearing pantyhose? Well, this has actually happened. We talked to some people who were sent from work because of their outfit.

What is appropriate in an office has changed a lot since those glamorous Mad Men days. The concept of business casual didn’t really exist back then. There was dressed for work and then dressing for work if you worked in a lumber yard. There are still some industries (law, finance) that are very strict and old-fashioned requiring suits for men and nylons with skirts for women with no open-toed shoes. More »