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Giorgio Armani’s LSD Story

Giorgio Armani's LSD Story

Sometimes, it’s nice to know some extraordinarily famous designers are just as goofy as that awesome-turned-strange-turned-sad guy you knew in college who used to rant about lizards speaking revelations to him but now just hangs around at dirty collective houses in Berkeley because tripped out his brain for four straight years. Well, maybe not “nice,” per se, but certainly fascinating. Giorgio Armani apparently falls into that category. More »

Things I Wish People Could Be Breathalyzed For

Things I Wish People Could Be Breathalyzed For

Substances like meth, cocaine, heroin, morphine and weed may soon be widely detectable via breathalyzer tests. But science, oh science, when will you start helping me determine what really matters?

If only breathalyzer tests could allow us to weed out the people we know we will never get along with. Sure, opposites can attract, but there are certain “quirks” to people’s personalities that I am quite sure I want to avoid. It would eliminate the awkward silence that comes after somebody mentions their undying loyalty to Ann Coulter during dinner or that frustrating moment when you realize you’re talking to a person who says “literally” and “ironic” as often as possible and seemingly has no idea what either word means. These are nice things to avoid, but the following are even more so. More »