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Gallery: Supermodels ‘Channel’ Duran Duran In Harper’s Bazaar UK

Gallery: Supermodels 'Channel' Duran Duran In Harper's Bazaar UK

For its December issue, Harper’s Bazaar UK had five of the “original supermodels” (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, and Yasmin Le Bon) dress up to look like the band Duran Duran for what was most likely a very expensive editorial. The only problem? They look more like a generic rock band than any era of that legendary synth pop group. I’ve included a few photos of the band for comparison; see if you agree. More »

Check Out Kate Moss’ Dior Addict Commercial

Check Out Kate Moss' Dior Addict Commercial

I’m not really sure which I find more distracting: that the supermodel who went to rehab and was once photographed nonchalantly cutting lines with her high-profile addict boyfriend Pete Doherty is now the face of a Dior lipstick called Addict… or the slew of lazy, shitty puns we’re going to see about the pairing: Kate Moss is an Addict? Can You Guess Kate Moss’ Addiction? Kate Moss Loves Dior Lipstick But Also Cocaine? More »

Gallery: 15 Extremely Stylish Man Bands

Gallery: 15 Extremely Stylish Man Bands

Over at Fashion Indie last week they offered a gallery of the most stylish man bands of all time. They were spot-on with many (the Stones, Outkast) but it’s a surprisingly tricky prompt to come up with all-male bands known for their striking and original style (for example, the Velvet Underground are eliminated due to Mo Tucker having girl parts). And, for some of Fashion Indie’s picks, I’ll have to respectfully disagree (I never thought of Led Zeppelin as “stylish” so much as “hippies”). So, TheGloss has put together some supplemental material. Whether mod, glam, dorky or kitschy, here’s a gallery of man-bands with amazing looks. More »