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Video: How To Take Your Outfit From Day To Night And Night To Day. For Real.

Video: How To Take Your Outfit From Day To Night And Night To Day. For Real.

Everyone at TheGloss has read about a hundred “helpful” articles on how you can transform your dowdy daytime wear into sparkling nighttime attire. It usually involves crazy hijinks like removing your jacket! Sometimes putting on earrings!

All of that it bullshit, because you are now simply wearing your Applebee’s uniform with earrings. You look foolish. It looks like flair. We decided to make a video showing how you should really transition from daywear to nightwear and back again so you can tramp around in style. More »

Ready-To-Click: Fall Beauty On The Horizon

Ready-To-Click: Fall Beauty On The Horizon

Fall’s 10 most anticipated beauty products (start dying for the gorgeous YSL palette). -Refinery29

One of fall beauty’s more surprising rollouts: a Hello Kitty collection. -Betty Confidential

But while we’re still in summer: some lovely neutral polishes. -Birchbox

Food and well-being: experts say what you eat can influence your happiness. -YouBeauty

Yet another fashion reality competition… but this one came up with a really good idea for its judges. -The High Low

Look for less: pyramid stud earrings. -The Budget Babe

David Beckham x …H&M? -Styleite

Gallery: See nOir Jewelry’s Team Up With DC Comics

Gallery: See nOir Jewelry's Team Up With DC Comics

Just in time for the holidays, here’s a gallery of gift ideas for your nerd girlfriend: nOir Jewelry’s collaboration with DC Comics. The pieces–necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings–are all inspired by the women of DC (although perhaps a Marvel collaboration in the future? There are enough women of X-Men to keep you going on like, 20 collections). …Unsurprisingly, the line breaks down into roughly three categories: 1) just plain awesome for nerdy chicks, 2) just plain awesome, and 3) just plain inadvisable unless it’s Halloween and you are dressed as Wonder Woman. More »