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Here Is The Greatest Ebay Clothing Model Of All Time

Here Is The Greatest Ebay Clothing Model Of All Time

Move over, Andrej Pejic. There’s a hot new gender-bending male model in town, and he is coming for you!

As you can see, he has that je ne sais quoi quality about him that is impossible to fake. Is it even legal to be this awesome? I discovered him by way of a friend who, over the course of much psychedelically enhanced internet exploration, has figured out that you get the best results if you remember to type “don’t lie” at the end of every Google search. He has yet to tell me can’t remember what exactly he typed to find this wonderful man, but does it matter? I am just happy he landed in my inbox, so that I might share him with the world.

And, as it turns out, this shining Adonis is not just a pretty face, but a master copywriter as well. In the “condition” section, he writes:

“Like a royal, golden garden, but under the moonlight, the serious moonlight. Don’t mess this up!”

I am smitten. More »

Gallery: Discarded ‘Ghetto’ Clothes Of Kim Kardashian’s Now For Sale On Ebay

Gallery: Discarded 'Ghetto' Clothes Of Kim Kardashian's Now For Sale On Ebay

As part of his ongoing efforts to turn Kim Kardashian into his ideal, high fashion, hip-hop Stepford wife, Kanye West made her excise many of the more “ghetto” items from her closet. (His word, not mine.) And now, lucky us, she’s put said items up for sale on Ebay! While most people might balk at the chance to pay $1,000 for something deemed too trashy for Kim Kardashian, think of it as your good deed for the day. After all, she gives a whopping 10% of the proceeds to charity. Here are a few of my favorite items from Kim’s makeover fire sale. More »